Welcome to kalasarn.se! My personal home page.


My personal page on the internet. Not that I needed one, or really wanted one either, but I thought it would be interesting to write something here for a change. I hope you'll find it quite dull!


I am a 30-ish years old/young guy, working in IT. You can check here for how to contact me. I enjoy:

I don't particularly enjoy:


No particular reason actually. I thought that I needed something to represent me in this brave new digital world. I'll try to post things like photographs taken by me, and perhaps also write a bit about my interests or whatever. Time will tell.


Here is a collection of links.

My http archive - Link title is self-explanatory

My ftp archive - Link title is self-explanatory

pzxemrrg27yhb4lj.onion - This site as a v2 .onion service

ncqtwgtsr5jibyidguqrvsgoowvyhf3etymuq5coxyubwlmrwmnivoyd.onion - This site as a v3 .onion service